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...fruitful the light of change...

Sandra B​lack 

Channel - Healer - Reader

Nourish Workshops 

❤️ Nourish Day Workshops - $150

Nourish is held once a month on a Saturday, or Sunday.  Please contact Sandra to book in for the next workshop.

Come along and spend a day of ❤️nourishment as Sandra and the team hold space, guiding you through a series of healing experiences within a peaceful, healing sanctuary.

❤️Nourish is a guided day that takes you on a metamorphic journey through soulful meditations, activation's, healing experiences, and tips of insight.

❤️Nourish Workshops offer a cosy setting to decompress, renew, re-connect, and unfurl your wings, into the heart and core of your own blueprints of divinity.

The day of ❤️nourishment lovingly supports you amidst a 5 metre (4x season bell tent) sacred space, colourful array of bolsters, mats, snugly blankets and a panel heater.  Each item ensuring those ❤️nourishing within are comfortable, warm, supported, and yes ❤️nourished.

Workshop Experiences:

• Healing❤️Nourishing Poems & Stories

• ❤️Nourishing our Relationship with Self and Others

• The Light of Love & Humanity

• Guidance from Higher Self

• 3am Higher Self Love Sonnet

• Light Language

• Being Aware – Self Care

• Affirmations

Healing Meditations:

• Earth Walk Meditation

• Bi-Locational Experience

• Healing the Layers

• Healing Halls of Alexandria Experience

• Lyran 12 Strand DNA Activation

• 6D Sirian Formula Integration of Consciousness Alchemy & Transmutation Transformation.

and more ❤️...

Nourish ❤️ is for Men and Women.  Max 6 people per workshop.  

Prior bookings essential. 

Workshop Client Feedback

"I had the absolute pleasure of attending Sandra's nourish workshop. 10/10 a must do if you are on a spiritual path of any level.  I gained so much from this and came away so so energised and equipped with brilliant tools for the tool box.  Don't hesitate make yourself a priority and get along to one asap!"

Erin Bryant - Taranaki 

8th June 2020

💚Nourishment. Last month I was blessed to attend an amazing workshop, run by the even more amazing Sandra Black.

Sandra describes the Nourish workshop as "a guided day that takes you on a metamorphic journey through soulful meditations, activation's, healing experiences, and tips of insight." And it most certainly was that and more!

It was held in the most beautiful space of a bell tent, surrounded by crystals, warmth and tranquillity. Through a series of readings, meditations, and exercises, I was able to deeply connect to spirit and have my soul fully fed.

I emerged from this day, with the knowledge and insight, that practices I have been learning weren't to only be for my personal growth, but to help others with their healing and health.

I feel (even now), inspired and invigorated to step outside of my comfort zone and continue with conviction on the path I had started to venture. In addition, I learnt a range of new techniques that I have implemented into my daily rituals - they are so simple, yet so effective!

Sandra has a natural and engaging sharing style; her knowledge is mind blowing amazing - all while making you feel at complete ease and able to be open without hesitation or judgement.  I highly recommend Sandra and this workshop. 

Lisa Gilmer - Taranaki

17th July 2020