...Fruitful the light of change that comes into the dark...

Sandra Black 

 Galactic Ascension Guide - Earth Walk Guide

 Activator - Healer – Teacher - Channel 

Readings with Sandra 

Readings are 30-minutes or 1 hour. Clients are welcome to bring along any questions they may have with them to their reading. Clients have the added bonus of Sandra bringing in the Teams, who've been bringing through healing to clients during readings.  Reading Prices: 30 Min - $60.  1 hour - $100.

Readings are unique to everyone I read for.  With each reading offering a range from earth walk Insight, encouragement, guidance, bit of mediumship, past life insight, healing and a variety of tools shared to assist clients out on their day to day front line adventures in life.

​Messages come through:

Seeing - Clairvoyance

Hearing - Clairaudience

Knowing - Claircognianze

Feeling - Clairsentience


Clients are welcome to bring questions along with them on the day of their reading.