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...fruitful the light of change...

Sandra B​lack 

Channel - Healer - Reader

Readings with Sandra 

Readings​ of Insight

By Appointment Readings: 

One to One - available in Inglewood, Taranaki.

Phone Readings - for those interested in a reading who live further afield.

Reading Prices:  

1 Hour - $100. 

30 Minute - $60.  

Readings are unique to each person read for and offer: Insights on current life, closure mediumship, past life, and light language healing. 

Messages shared during a reading come through telepathically as: 

Seeing - Hearing - Knowing - Feeling - Writing. 


Readings are written down, with pages of messages or insights given to the client to take home with them, after the reading.  Those having readings, have the added bonus of Sandra along with the dimensional teams of light & love, bringing through healing. 


Sandra remotely connects in, sending light language healing prior to a clients appointment, clients regularly comment on how much lighter or energised they feel afterwards.   

Clients are encouraged to spend time prior to the day of their reading, gathering their thoughts, and writing down any questions they have, to bring along with them to the reading.


Over several years of reading, Sandra observed the teams of light and love,  consistently ask for clients to have tools, or resources of assistance to uplift them through life obstacles they faced.  Sandra shares resources or links of support, for clients use beyond their reading. 

Client Testimonials 

...what our clients are saying...

Victoria B ♡ New Plymouth

I had a reading with Sandra recently. I didn't really feel like I required a reading but had a strong pull towards Sandra after she had given me a VERY accurate reading a couple of years back.   As an intuitive myself I chose to listen to my gut and went for a reading.

Firstly, I acknowledge that the information given to me was defiantly guided and was very light. Sandra tapped into so many different areas of what I needed to hear and was very generous with her information. Sandra saw a few different possibilities coming my way and they are already starting to manifest which is really exciting and most of all she gave me the reassurance, guidance and information that I required.

I am so glad i went for a reading and highly recommend this gifted lady! Her style was gentle, relaxed yet potent and accurate. So much more than what I expected.  Thank you, Sandra, for the amazing reading. I'll be back.

Corinna - Taranaki / UK 

Hi Sandra, I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading today, I felt so happy after it, you have such an amazing gift!  I now feel at peace with my decision to move back to the UK, and that it's the right decision for me.  You really are amazing at what you do.  Take care ♡

JessyM - Taranaki 

I met Sandra at a fair recently, and was instantly drawn to her, so decided I’d have a reading. I was so amazed by what Sandra told me, especially about my grandmother and how I would be pregnant this just so turns out, that I am pregnant, and we are so excited.

I just wanted to say thank you so much Sandra, and I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family :) Sandra wrote down everything that was said so I could take home with me and read.  Absolutely amazing.

Megan Walklin - Christchurch

I have known Sandra for a considerable number of years and I am amazed by her ability which enables her to get in touch with the spiritual world which I deeply respect. Sandra has a clear ability to foresee and foretell events of the future, as well as describe events of the past which are uncanny in their consistency and accuracy.  Her ability to get in touch with friends and family who've passed is particularly prominent. as well as people still present in this world.

Sandra’s natural and unwavering love and care for others which is the foundation and mainstay of her ability and why she brings such clarity and felling of calm and satisfaction to everyone she helps. Her readings and insights bring understanding, love, joy and happiness to all people she helps.

I keep returning to Sandra again and again for readings to provide me with additional insight and advice for my life. Her understanding of the spiritual world and how it is interwoven with all of us in the present world, enables her to really help me and I know she helps so many others too. Sandra’s skills are becoming known to many across New Zealand and around the world.

Because I rate Sandra’s skills and ability extremely highly, together with understanding and care for everyone she meets, I can recommend Sandra to anyone looking for assistance and clarity of guidance and foresight during their journey of life.

Sam - Auckland 

My mum popped into the reading briefly and yes Sandra shared about an anniversary looming, my mum has been gone 11 years within the next month 🌸. My Nan who would have been 100 in a few weeks passed late November, an incredible woman. Nana was right there in the midst of the reading. I reflected last night on my reading and find huge joy knowing my Nan sits at my shoulder.

The information Sandra brought through from spirit with such accuracy. You can sit back and relax, and enjoy your reading, no need for notes, Sandra writes these for you.

I am blessed, thank you Sandra.

Susan - UK 

Hi Sandra, I expect you get many letters and I don't for one minute expect you to remember me, but a few years ago, you did a reading for me. Major changes have taken place since then.

I am now in the UK and blessed with two Grandchildren. My husband, I left in NZ. My dilemma at the time of your reading was whether to end this marriage of 25 years.

My husband had bi-polar disease, and was in poor health due to alcoholism and despite his best efforts could not overcome it.  

I allowed myself to become a victim in this scenario, and out of fear allowed his manipulative behaviour to control me. I was beaten physically and emotionally in every sense of the word. I finally left after your reading knowing i had the support of spirit. I established myself in the UK and have found contentment.

My husband sadly passed away 6 months after my leaving NZ and died alone at home. He was aware that he would die if he didn't stop drinking, but with most things he wasn't hearing the advice he was given.  

I am glad he has hopefully found some peace, and I bear no feelings of hate or bitterness. Thank you so much for before, it helped me more than you know.

Richard – Christchurch

Sandra's readings have given me guidance when I get off track, hope when I am concerned and the courage to spread my wings and fly. She has given me the tools and understanding that has enabled my inner spirit to be totally rekindled.

I am constantly in awe of the depth of Sandra's love and understanding of the human spirit, and boundless energy it possesses. Her given ability, to assist has helped me to recognise this, and bring it to the fore within myself.   Flying is good, but soaring is where I am off to thanks to her assistance.

Ex Skeptic - Southland 

By chance I was reintroduced to Sandra following a family tragedy. A casual comment made by Sandra astounded me. I immediately knew that she had skills beyond most people's comprehension.

She seemed to have a key to catch my attention, because she told me about something i had absentmindedly forgotten the previous day and had chosen not to tell anyone else about.

As the conversation went on, it became apparent that Sandra had a lot more to say regarding a close family member that had passed on. Her words gave me comfort, understanding of a recent loss and a clear minded view of why things had to be the way they were.

Sandra can take the confusion out of a dilemma and put a straightforward perspective to a situation with a dash of compassion. This in turn helps take the edge off the emotional pain, which helps one come to a reluctant acceptance of what has happened.

Deanna – Dunedin

I'd always been curious about having a reading. So, when I read Sandra’s name in the paper, I finally decided to give it a go. I had no idea what would happen, and was afraid that either she'd try and read my future, and I'd become obsessed with the details, or she'd try to connect with those looking over me, and perhaps there'd be no one! When I arrived, she’d already made a connection and had pages of messages to give me (phew).

First, she brought through a ‘brotherly’ energy who was keen to say hello. I'd no idea who this was, as I hadn't lost a brother. She spoke with the man (who was present) for clarification, and reassured me that I knew who he was, but that he’d passed before my birth. She went on to describe the age that he passed at, and that he'd been in a motorcycle accident, as well as other specific details I recognised.

My uncle (my mother’s brother) had passed the year before I was born, from a motorcycle accident, exactly under the circumstances and location Sandra described. I asked if it was Edward, and she replied “no, not Edward, ‘Eddy’, with that spelling”. She was correct, he was known as Eddy, and that was how he’d spelt his name.

The second person to come through turned out to be my great grandmother. She described her house, the era, the car, the fence, the music. It was uncanny and incredibly moving. Family members have since been able to verify these details for me.

This experience began a new spiritual journey of self-discovery for me, and it opened my eyes to the fact there is an afterlife, and we have loved ones and guides supporting us through our lives.

My second experience with Sandra was in response to my call for help. Since childhood, I’d been diagnosed with a condition called ‘sleep paralysis’. This meant that sometimes when I woke in the mornings, I was conscious, but unable to move.

Over the years, this progressed into hypnogogic hallucinations, which is hallucinations when going off to sleep. These were all explained medically by a neurologist I'd seen, and given I worked in a science-based industry, I was satisfied I had a diagnosis.

Years later, my hypnogogic hallucinations had significantly worsened. It felt as if ‘something’ light was trying to come at me through my bedroom window, this was happening almost every night. My partner became understandably fed up with me trying to hit out at the ‘thing’ and jumping up out of bed grappling for a light switch to turn on.

One night the bed started shaking, it seemed almost like someone was trying to get my attention. Another night, I didn't get 'away' in time and felt something jump on me, this caused me to sit up and as I did I began to speak incoherently, but with my lips and face seemingly paralysed, I could only make noises.

My partner asked me what on earth I was doing, and immediately it was gone. This happened again the next night, and then by the third night, I was able to coherently shout “why aren’t you talking to me!” My partner (very confused) replied, “because you didn't say anything?!?” Again, whatever it was went away, and I was left mumbling “I know, go back to sleep”.

I knew at this stage that I needed to return to the neurologist, as my symptoms were now so bad, I was sure I should probably consider medication. Or perhaps I needed an MRI to check for a possible brain tumour?

Something told me to ring Sandra first, since she'd given me such an accurate reading, I thought perhaps she could ask my guides what was wrong – was I seriously ill? I contacted her and told her about the hypnogogic hallucinations. She came out immediately and went straight to the bedroom and picked up that there was a confused elderly woman who’d had a stroke before she'd passed. Sandra said the woman hadn't realised she’d passed away and was struggling to understand why no one was talking to her?

This stunned me, as I'd remembered the feelings of paralysis on my face, and of being unable to speak properly. And then when I did finally speak, the words that come out were, ‘why is no one speaking to me’. It was unbelievable, I was grateful my partner had witnessed it and could verify what'd been happening each night.

Sandra called on the woman’s loved ones, who came and helped the woman pass over.

Sandra then proceeded to put protection around my room, and house, and advised me to get a few protective crystals to help shield my sensitivity from any activity. Four years on, I've had no more incidents, no more sleep paralysis and no more hypnogogic hallucinations. It would appear I am cured…?

Sandra Black 

 3D to 5D Ascension Earth Walk Guide​ - Healer - Reader