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...Fruitful the light of change that comes into the dark...

Sandra Black 

 Galactic Ascension Guide - Earth Walk Guide

 Activator - Healer – Teacher - Channel 


...Thanks for taking the time to stop by...

I hope you enjoy your look around, and if I am the reader, or healer your heart says yes too, I look forward to hearing from you.


Sandra x appointment... 

Readings & Nourish Day Workshops


One to One ReadingsNourish Workshops available in Inglewood, Taranaki.

Phone Readings available for those further afield. 

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"Out of the LightWorker Closet since 2006"


Since 2006, I've been blessed to have shared space with many beautiful people from all walks of life & countries.  Originally from the stunning mountain ranges and lakes of Te Anau, Fiordland.  We relocated to Inglewood, Taranaki in 2017.  

About Sandra

My journey as a healer and channel came through an awakening of accelerated levels of COMPASSION and EMPATHY for others around me.  When on a day a like none other in 2006, a connection to the other side arrived and WOW just like that, it was all on with a two way connection that brought through cathartic healing for all involved. 

There is nothing like COMPASSION, it's MAGNETIC, and this is what opens ENERGETIC DOORWAYS which organically connect us into a range of quantum energetic frequencies INNATE with us all.  Our natural state when not in this 3D life existence, is one of telepathic sentience. 

These natural abilities within, are abilities we are only beginning to re-connect back into, in our rediscovery of who we are beyond limiting 3D life experience concepts.

I adore working with those ready to embrace their inner selves. Those ready to emerge out the other side of their soul contracted life experiences.   I can share there is nothing more magnificent than seeing a person expand beyond the drama that was, energetically engaging and coming to life, to radiate their own  signature light frequency expansively out into the quantum energetic frequency.  Which is a loving, multidimensional  experience. 

I joyfully celebrate each MASTER on the RISE I am incredibly blessed to share space with.