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Medium Shaman   

Sandra B​lack  

"Co-creators you are far more loved & far more worthy of the love that surrounds you that can ever be Imagined.  May you find courage, unlimited blessings & love within these next steps" - Sandra xx

 1. New Zealand 

Please Copy, Share, Print, Email, 

Read Aloud from the Roof Tops the:

Cease and Desist Order on the use of all COVID19 Measures*

We, the People/men and women of New Zealand order you to cease and desist the use of experimental Pfizer vaccines as they constitute Crimes against Humanity under Natural Law, Common Law, Treaty Law, Health and Safety At Work Act, Medicines Act, Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute, the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, The United Nations Convention, The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, The United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights, The Magna Carta and The Treaty of Waitangi.

We, the People/men and women of New Zealand are standing up against the unlawful actions of this criminal Government.

These crimes are being committed against innocent free born men, women and children of New Zealand all of whom stand under God's jurisdiction and protection.

If you have evidence that none of these rights exist, you are hereby commanded to provide all and any such evidence within 72 hours of receipt of this Cease-and-Desist Order.

We have seen no such evidence and believe no such evidence to exist.

The following actions consist of Crimes against humanity in gross contravention of every law, and treaty ratified since World War 2.

1) All experimentation of the Covid Pathogen, which is not a Vaccine, it is unsafe, and must be the avoided at all costs on unsuspecting innocent civilians (thus constituting bio-warfare on the people of New Zealand).

2) All PCR testing which perpetuates the lie of a deadly pandemic, thereby constituting psychological warfare on the people if not a bio-warfare.

3) All demands to mask in places including but not limited to: private spaces, public spaces, on transportation by land, air, and maritime. This constitutes a further psychological assault on the people.

4) All lockdowns which constitute false imprisonment and a continuance of psychological warfare against the people.

5) All Quarantines of healthy New Zealand Citizens which furthers bio and psychological warfare against the New Zealand people.

6) All closures of State, Territorial, Regional boundaries, separating families and breaking fundamental rules of freedom of movement within New Zealand.

If the Treaty of Waitangi has been dissolved you must make the people aware, for in such an instance the Governing body has no jurisdiction upon the people and any hostile act such as those listed herein shall be considered a declaration of open war from a hostile agent against the free people of this land and the people maintain the right to protect their lives, freedoms, liberties, and property.

7) All closures of New Zealand's borders, which constitutes a coercive effort to force the unsuspecting people of the land into participating in a medical experiment; as well as functioning as another arm of psychological warfare on the people by dividing families and keeping the entire country hostage to the edicts of the WHO, a demonstrably corrupt institution, and the officials of which were not elected by the New Zealand people. 

New Zealand is to stand as a free country not a prison island.

8) All state of emergencies which constitute fraudulent excuses to continue this covert war upon the people in the shape of tyranny.

9) All unlawful contact tracing, QR codes, Apps and Sign In of the New Zealand people, which constitutes a gross invasion of privacy.

10) All determinations of "asymptomatic carriers" - a non-scientific term designed with the only purpose of justifying the mistreatment and abuse of healthy freeborn men and women in this covert warfare against the people.

11) All coercing, influencing, bribing, bullying, peer pressuring, intimidating humiliating, innocent, vulnerable, New Zealanders to wear masks that reduce and their access to oxygen causing hypoxemia, (thus constituting bio-warfare on the people of New Zealand).

12) All marketing, advertisements, statements, signage, spoken or written words, fines, imprisonments, rewards, or punishments that exposes individuals to risk of death or serious injury or serious illness from any form of adverse, coercive, or misleading conduct.

This letter serves as a lawful notice to cease and desist effective immediately.

We consider these actions to be a cowardly declaration of war upon the people of New Zealand and whose interests you have been paid to serve.

Failure to cease and desist will be considered an act of treason against all free born men, women, and children of New Zealand. 

We have not seen, nor do we believe there exists sufficient evidence to support the assertion that a deadly pandemic exists and warrants a nationwide perpetual state of emergency that suspends the lawful freedoms of the New Zealand people.

A detailed examination of case law, categorically outlines the actions of our New Zealand Government as criminal. 

Common law states that if you as a

nurse, doctor, business owner, soldier, police officer, remain silent, failing to speak up about the unsafe nature of The Covid Pathogen which is not a vaccine but is unsafe, and must be avoided at all costs, *the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation directly interfere with the patient’s genetic material and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which is genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and was previously considered a crime.

The coronavirus VACCINE IS NOT A VACCINE! 

*Your position in law is that if you remain silent you assent to the administration of the vaccines.

*Vaccinated people will have to come to terms with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, as in a person with a genetic defect such as Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic heart failure, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is forever! *

*This clearly means: *

*if a symptom of vaccination develops after mRNA vaccination, no therapist can help you, because* *DAMAGE CAUSED BY VACCINATION WILL BE GENETICALLY Irreversible.

* As such, and being directed to cease and desist, should you continue in silence or otherwise to promote or administer The Covid Pathogen bioweapon, there can be no excuse under law for your action.

No indemnity can exist.

You will have committed a crime which in due course will be investigated and you may expect to be punished to the full extent of the law.

The requirements and demands of New Zealand law are not there to be suspended in times of crisis.

They may only be changed by the people, and they have not been changed.

They are there to protect the people from the tyrannical and corruptible tendencies of Governments and those in office.

It is during times of crises when such laws are needed the most to protect the people of New Zealand. 

We forthwith declare that all named herein have overstepped and severely violated the bounds of their office and failed to consider and protect the lawful interests of the New Zealand people in every conceivable way.

We take this opportunity to remind you of the following: the one true Almighty God stands as our one and only master.

All free born men, women, and children upon this land and indeed the world is a viceregent of God, placed upon this Earth by God's will alone. 

Government was established under the Almighty God by free born men and women and was entrusted to run our affairs and act in our best interest.

The New Zealand Government serves the people under God.

Thus, all named herein owe a fiduciary duty to the people of New Zealand and are public servants only, directly answerable to We the Free People of this land.

By default, and by association with this government In accordance with the rules of equity, you have 72 hours from receipt of this letter to provide us with all and any proof to a contrary assertion.

Should you fail to answer this order it is taken that your silence is an admission that no such evidence exists.

Should you continue any of the actions enumerated herein, and be found guilty of treason, or of conspiracy to cause harm, loss, or injury to the people of the New Zealand, or of breaching your fiduciary duty as a servant to the New Zealand people, you will be stripped of your office and credentials, tried before God and a jury of the people, and punished according to the will of God and the people who stand as His viceregent.

We direct you to govern yourself accordingly.


Signed by:


2. NZ Have You Done Your Research?

Dr Vernon Coleman Article & Video 

"Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is 'Murder'"

"It’s the 22nd of November 2021 & this is the moment when the jabbing has to stop.

A couple of hours ago Darren Smith the editor of the excellent LIGHTHOUSE, sent me a paper from the medical journal CIRCULATION, which proves the covid19 jabbing experiment has to STOP TODAY.

I believe that ANY doctor or nurse who gives one of the mRNA covid jabs AFTER today, will in due course be struck off the appropriate register & arrested.

The journal CIRCULATION is a well-respected publication, It’s 71 years old, its articles appear reviewed & in one survey it was rated number one journal, in the cardiac & cardiovascular system category.

I’m going to quote the final sentence of the abstract which appears at the beginning of the article.

This is all I, YOU, or ANYONE ELSE needs to know.

“We conclude the mRNA vaccine, dramatically increases Inflammation on the endothelium & T cell’s infiltration of cardiac muscle, & may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy & other vascular events following vaccination”.

That’s it, that’s the death bell for the covid19 mRNA jabs.

The endothelium is a layer of cells lining blood vessels and lymphatic vessels.  T cells are a type of white cell.

We always knew these jobs were experimental.

My video in December 2020 just under a year ago, warned about these specific risks.  

I read out a list of possible adverse events, published officially by the American government, but now we have PROOF of the link.

The mRNA jab is remember, known NOT to stop people catching covid19 & it is known Not to stop people spreading it.

I don’t believe anyone disputes these facts now.

And yet, vast numbers of deaths & injuries have been recorded among people who have been jabbed.

Look at the item headed "Update How Many Are The Vaccines Killing"the list is on my website, it’s a horrific list.

Now we have the evidence we need to STOP the jabbing programmes.

In the survey quoted, a total of 566 patients aged 28 to 97 were tested, these were not children these were adults.  The number were equally divided among men & women.

“At the time of this report, these changes persist for at LEAST 2.5 months POST second dose of vaccine”.

At the VERY LEAST, the use of these jabs MUST STOP NOW, IMMEDIATELY until more long-term tests are done.

If there were ANY journalists LEFT in the mainstream media, this news would be lead item on ALL TV & radio programmes, & be on the front pages of ALL newspapers.

I’ve said all along for a year, that this jab was an EXPERIMENT CERTAIN to KILL & INJURE, we’ve ALWAYS KNOWN that to experiment on people without their FULL CONSENT & UNDERSTANDING, after disclosing ALL the RISKS & POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS is a CRIME.

NOW the evidence exists that MUST STOP THIS EXPERIMENT.

If the covid jab EXPERIMENT, continues after today, then WE KNOW FOR ABSOLUTE SURE that THIS IS NOT a medical treatment, it’s a CULL".

Please share Dr Coleman’s video with every one you know.  Thank you. 

Video Link: Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is "MUrder"

Circulation Article 

Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning


"Out of the Light-Worker Closet 

since 2006"


Since 2006, I've been blessed to have shared space with many beautiful people from all walks of life & countries.  

Originally from Fiordland, now living in Canterbury, after returning from Taranaki NZ. 

About Sandra 

My journey as a Medium Shaman came through an awakening of accelerated levels of COMPASSION and EMPATHY for others around me in 2001. 

It wasn't until late 2006 when on a "day a like none other" a mediumship connection to the other side spontaneously arrived. 

From this shared connection I was blown away the cathartic healing all involved experienced from the two way connection.  Not long after this the doors to Sandra Black - Medium were opened.  

There is nothing like COMPASSION, it's MAGNETIC, and it is this which opens up ENERGETIC DOORWAYS that connect us into a range of quantum energetic frequencies which are INNATE within us all.   

Our natural state when not within the 3D life experience existence, is one of natural telepathic sentience. 

These natural abilities, are abilities we are only beginning to re-connect back into, in our rediscovery of who we are beyond limiting 3D life  experience concepts.

I adore working with those ready to embrace their inner selves.  Those ready to emerge out the other side of their soul contracted life experiences.   

I can share there is nothing more magnificent than seeing a person expand beyond the drama that was, energetically engaging and coming to life, to expansively radiate their own signature light frequency, as they align back into the multidimensional quantum energetic frequencies awaiting  us all. 

I joyfully celebrate each MASTER on the RISE I am incredibly blessed to share space with.